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How Contract Counsel Can Aid Your Client’s Case – An Introduction

We are more than 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work is now part of life for many industries, and the legal field is no different. Due to the increase in secure technologies which allow working from home and remote work, many law firms are exploring the use of independent contract counsel to advocate for their client’s goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. Contract counsel can be engaged on a number of issues, ranging from research and drafting motions for legal issues which are novel or exceptionally challenging, to aiding law firms in maintaining a balance between completing work on time while continuing to secure new clients.

While many firms have the benefit of a paralegal or legal assistant, the knowledge, experience, and training of an attorney is invaluable to a client. Many contract attorneys have a well-established, positive reputation in their area of practice and can aid the contracting law firm in building their reputation while balancing the current workload of the firm’s attorneys. Contract counsel can be retained on a project or time-period basis, and many times are able to complete tasks in a shorter time period than an attorney within a firm due to their dedicated focus on the legal task at hand.

Contract counsel can assist on a project or time-period basis. Many law firms consistently contract with attorneys on a particular area of law, type of work such as hearing appearances, or on a seasonal basis. For example, a small law firm in New Mexico may have several attorneys out of town on various litigation matters during a particular month. To maintain their current case response times, the law firm retains contract counsel to respond to all motions and draft complaints for new clients during the month in which the firm’s attorneys are out of the office. Current clients’ cases continue to move forward without delay, the firm can complete work for new clients, and all parties are satisfied with the fees incurred and earned.

The Standish Law Firm, LLC, works with law firms of all sizes in New Mexico on legal research and drafting in a variety of practice areas to advocate for your client’s goals in a cost effective and timely manner. Contact us today to discuss how to bring balance back to your law practice.


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