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What Is a Virtual Law Firm?

Many people think of a law firm as an office with a front desk, lots of conference rooms with book-lined walls, and attorneys in the office, answering calls, working on cases, and going to court. This is what is portrayed in TV, movies, books, and therefore what most people think of when they hear of a law firm. In today’s world, that is not the only way law firms exist.

With the increase of the use and types of technology, it is now possible for a law firm to exist without having a single, physical location. The only difference between a "traditional" law firm and a virtual law firm is the lack of a single, physical location. Many virtual law firms still have a receptionist who answer the phone, the firm has locations to meet with clients if in-person meetings are required, the vast majority of the information contained in those books is now accessed online, and the attorneys are still practicing law, speaking with clients, and going to court.

The Standish Law Firm, LLC, is a virtual law firm. This means instead of file cabinets, all client materials are securely-stored electronically. Instead of scheduling a time to meet with your attorney in the office, you will schedule a time to speak over the phone or via video chat. This means that I can be more flexible in scheduling our time together, and for potential clients who are not in areas of New Mexico where there are numerous choices for attorneys, you can access legal help without traveling. You will mainly receive your documents via email, and if you need to sign paperwork, you can do that electronically as well. Many businesses have online access and communications; you now have this option in a law firm.

I look forward to working with you and showing you how a virtual law firm can serve your legal needs in today's world. If you have questions about virtual law firms, or how The Standish Law Firm, LLC, works, please send us a message and we will work to answer your questions.

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